check out is a well done “rate your employer” site dedicated to “Improving the workplace for women”. It has a simple and elegant design, is bare bones in functionality, but has enough to get started and to build support.

After I enter the name of my employer, it asks me to anonymously rate the company, from 1 to 5 stars, for Paid Time Off, Flexible Work Hours, Ability to Telecommute, Maternity & Adoptive Leave, Family Growth Support, Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, Female Representation in Top Leadership, Management Opportunities for Women, Salary Satisfaction, Learning Opportunities, Sponsorship or Mentorship Program, Social Activities and Environment, Wellness Initiatives, and The People You Work With.

It then asks for a review, “In your words”, with some guidelines and cautions.  Its asks demographic questions, including gender, race, marital status, children, education, and age.  After that, it asks for my email and offers to let me see my employer’s “score”.

It shows me the aggregate scores for that company, and any comments from other people plus my own.  The only action offered is to “keep in touch”. Text on the results page says, “Help us get stronger  – The more ratings we have, the stronger the scorecard.  Spread the word!”

This is a good effort at a “reputational” system, a system that seeks to influence employers by affecting their reputation.  Questions about time off for childcare are missing from most traditional rating and review sites, and are a welcome and important addition to the content.